Roof Maintenance Services

Are you considering a new roof? Let us give you 5 more years on your existing roof!

Multi-Family and Commercial Roof Care

The Roof Maxx warranty includes Commercial Roofing, Multi-Family Housing, Condominiums, and other asphalt shingle roof structures. - Large projects or multiple buildings? Ask us about our volume discounts.


You work hard to put a roof over your head.... now keep it there. Roof Maxx will add 5 years guaranteed- to your home, shop, or garage roof.

Professional Moss Treatment

The Pacific Northwest is plagued by moss. To serve our clients, Roof Reconditioners offers a non-caustic, roof safe moss treatment to keep your roof clean of damaging algae, moss, mold, and lichens. Call today for a free estimate.


Portland/Vancouver: (503) 766-3728 -- Central Oregon: 541-728-3631 --

Main: 503- ROOF-SAV

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